Tuesday, 4 December 2012

More Chipping Away and Christmas Lights.

We are back on the tree work for this week, thanks to Anglesey Abbey for lending us their chipper. We started pollarding as much as we could reach but this was proving too time consuming so after finishing the  first section we are started removing branches that overhung the path for the rest of length of the path.  It is slow going but reduces the damage to the path as much as possible and gets rid of the braches without having to drag them over very long distances by hand further damaging the path.   

In other news I popped down to Anglesey Abbey on Sunday to help them set up for Christmas Lights and can defiantly recommend going to check them out. A trail takes you around the gardens once the sun has set with all kinds of different coloured lights, candles and so on illuminating the way. You need to book so click here for info.