Thursday, 15 December 2011

Reach Lode Bridge Repair Work

Mike Overall has been down on site for the last two days working on getting transition plates fitted and racking the big metal side fences back into shape. Where the clay banks have settled a gap has been slowly appearing, we have been fixing this as it developed. Recently BAM Nutall came down to re-surface the ramps and bring them back up to height. As the ramps are likely to be subject to more moment a hinged plate has been added. As the ramps move a smooth transition from bridge to cycle track will remain. Check out Mike’s webpage he is certainly worth a look if you have any metalwork to do.

In other news regular visitors to Burwell fen may have spotted some interesting spellings as well as wildlife. My nice sign is somewhat embarrassingly talking about ‘signed routs’ not ‘signed routes’. I haven’t had the chance to change them. Any regular visitors to this blog might have noticed my poor spellings! Sorry about that I do try to keep it acceptable.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Bit of a catch up.

It has been a while since my past post. So what has been going on.... well the cattle handling unit or coral got its crash barriers attached. Johnny also put it to the test and rounded up the cows to take one back to calf. Still a few finishing touches to do. Cut the top of the post off and reinforcing the fence being the main bits. While I am on about Johnny and the cattle here is a link to Spinney Abbey Farm’s website. Plenty of lovely produce and some ghost stories too.

Also Jason finished fencing the ha-ha on Burwell fen. The idea did work in part, and it was a shame to have to fence it, but we got to keep them cows off the path. In areas where the ditch is likely to hold water all year round and if we can make the edge a bit steeper I hope we can try it again. A ha-ha would not be subject to the continued management the fences need and in my opinion look a lot nicer.

Wild Camping at Oily Hall

The fence is up, the ramp for the composting toilet is in and the foundations are in place. All we need to do now is build everything! Hopefully before Christmas we will get the cabins or pods constructed. It looks to be a pretty tall order though and plenty of hard work.