Thursday, 15 December 2011

Reach Lode Bridge Repair Work

Mike Overall has been down on site for the last two days working on getting transition plates fitted and racking the big metal side fences back into shape. Where the clay banks have settled a gap has been slowly appearing, we have been fixing this as it developed. Recently BAM Nutall came down to re-surface the ramps and bring them back up to height. As the ramps are likely to be subject to more moment a hinged plate has been added. As the ramps move a smooth transition from bridge to cycle track will remain. Check out Mike’s webpage he is certainly worth a look if you have any metalwork to do.

In other news regular visitors to Burwell fen may have spotted some interesting spellings as well as wildlife. My nice sign is somewhat embarrassingly talking about ‘signed routs’ not ‘signed routes’. I haven’t had the chance to change them. Any regular visitors to this blog might have noticed my poor spellings! Sorry about that I do try to keep it acceptable.

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