Monday, 16 January 2012

Get the Chainsaws Out

Sadly the strong winds last week brought down a nice old Willow Tree at the end of Wicken Lode. It was nice old tree, so nice in fact I took a pic of it just the other day. It was great for wildlife too as it had plenty of standing deadwood at various heights, lots of craks and rotten wood.James, our Senior Warden and Kate, a full time volunteer did most of the hard work and I chopped a few bits off and helped move the big bits out of the way. It was a bit of a problem for us though was it was too large for our saws, so we had to borrow a bigger one from Anglesey Abbey. Good fun until you have to sharpen it.

A rare picture of me.Getting there, you might have noticed my saw got blunt on one side and it got a bit of a bend, in fact this pic is terrible, honest the rest of the cuts were not a massive mess like that!:

While I am on there was a lovely Sunset this evening (taken from next to the Five Miles from Anywhere in Upware):

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