Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Cutting and Baling

Today we have been cutting and baling some of our areas with thistles and ragwort present. It is done in one fast process with no drying as it will be taken to compost down. The ragwort and other weeds present in the bales mean they can’t be used for feed and so on like a normal hay bail. Also the rain is not so much of an issue for us for the same reason. They are only small but pretty heavy. We chose to cut it now as the weeds have begun to show signs of seeding and we clearly don’t want that to happen as it will increase their populations in future years.

Here are a few pictures of the chaps from Hygiene Pigs Ltd who are doing the work for us. Hopefully they will be able to finish tomorrow.

Also here is a link to a panoramic from Oily Hall the other day:

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  1. I think it might be Hygene pigs? If so, that's where I get my horse hay :-) Didn't know they came out this way ...