Thursday, 25 October 2012

Mowing at Anglesey Abbey.....

I had a nice bit of mowing to do this week at Anglesey Abbey, the gardeners asked if I could have a go at their meadows with our larger mower.  Certainly a nice view from the cab.

We cut the meadow in front of the house but sadly I didn’t have enough time to get onto the squares further down the avenue. I hope to get back after my holiday next week and get the work finished. 
I also went and finished moving the bales and doing the mowing at Oily Hall. The Longhorns down there are from Spinney Abbey Farm. I just thought I would take a moment to remind everyone of the link to the normal URL is being re designed at the moment. Always worth a look for some really nice products.

The work to begin the work on Burwell Lode Bridge is also underway on the South side of Burwell Lode. The bridge wont be finished this year as we still have plenty of money to raise before we can afford to build it, but a drain is being moved and the ramps started. We have diverted the Lodes Way while work is being done to extend the cycle track, it is all still open but do remember to follow the signs.

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