Sunday, 25 November 2012

An update on Burwell Lode Bridge

I thought I would try to do a short update about the bridge we are planning to build over Burwell Lode. Work has recently begun on some provisional groundwork’s including moving a main drainage ditch, and extending the main cycle route up to the existing pedestrian footbridge. A compound created for contractors vehicles on the northside of Burwell Lode will eventually become a small car park.

The work is being financed with the remainder of our Big Lottery Fund Sustrans Connect2 grant for the development of the Lodes Way. We are actively fundraising to raise sufficient funds to complete the bridge.

When completed the bridge will provide easy access for people on foot, bike, wheel or pushchairs, horse and even horse and cart over Burwell Lode.  The bridge will have segregated channels to enable our herds of highland cattle and konik ponies to roam between Adventurers’ and Burwell Fen’s without coming into direct contact with people.

I have put a few of the plans and pictures of the final design below, it will be a few years before it is finished though:

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