Monday, 17 February 2014

The Circle of Life

Last week was certainly a busy week for everyone at the fen meaning that Maddie's Friday blog couldn't occur.

There was a lot of fencing down on Tubney to be fixed/removed at the start of the week. Whilst Maddie and the guys were out there, they came across a patch of hibernating ladybirds. Hopefully they'll survive the cold weather!

Later in the week, Maddie was out thinning some of the trees in the Bog Oak field, near the visitor centre. This has been done to allow more light into this area, and to allow grass and other species to grow between the trees. Cannach the cow decided to help Maddie clear up the brash that had been cut.

After the high winds on Saturday a few of the trees around the reserve had fallen. John and Lois went out to remove some of the trees from the paths to make the reserve accessible again.

Whilst John and Lois were down Sedge Fen Drove, Lois went to take some photos of our snowdrops by the butterfly trail. There may not be as many as there are at Anglesey at the minute, but ours are just as lovely!

The last, but very sad news of last week, was that Rush, the cow that was pregnant unfortunately had difficulty calving and neither her or the calf made it. Although on a positive note, Yara, one of our Koniks decided to foal behind our backs during the middle of last week, both are doing well.

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