Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Holiday Blog and a Cuckoo?

I had a few days off over Easter so we went up the River Ouse and along the Wissey. There is so much wildlife about on the river but sadly I didn’t have my camera so I only got a few pics here and there. We saw loads of birds getting nests ready, a fox, and also an Otter. The birds were mainly, Great Crested Grebes, Coots, Swans, and Moore Hens. Dozens of them, one set of Swans were working as a team, one reaching out and getting some leaves passing them over to the other who then moved them further over and into position...... Let’s face it this is hardly the kind of thing that’s going to get the camera crew of The BBC’s Natural World getting excited but it was nice to watch.  Other nice spots were a Short Eared Owl near Little Thetford and a Barn Owl at Wissington. We spotted the Otter on the River Wissey just to the east of Hilgay.

If you have Google Earth you can download a fly over of where we went. It is best viewed in fast forward, lots of interesting old river channels and things like that to be spotted from above.

Old Pump House at Wissington
 Fox on the bank of the Wissey
The Lakes on The Wissey just past the sugar beet factory

In Wicken Fen news I heard the first reports of a Cuckoo today, apparently one has been spotted in the county and one heard at Wicken Fen. Just one report so far so maybe a false alarm but now is the time of year for them to start arriving.

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