Monday, 16 April 2012

Mulch mats, thousands of them!

The community wood at White Fen got some much needed attention on Sunday thanks to help from the people of Lode and Longmeadow. The job was tending to the mulch mats, spading in the edges that have lifted in the wind. It was a big job, there are about 2500 mats down there, they all needed checking and I would think at least 1000 if not 1500 needed some care. This simply would not have been possible without people volunteering their time to help, so a big thanks to everyone who helped out on a cold morning. 

We have used mulch mats to keep the weeds away from the newly planted whips and lock as much moisture in the soil at their base as possible. Hopefully the trees will grow enough over the next few years that the mats don’t require as much attention, but by comparing the areas where the mats were not used with the areas we did on Sunday you can see the benefit of all the hard work with far more trees surviving and in leaf.

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