Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Visit to Orford Ness

Today we had our countryside staff day, where all the rangers in the East get a chance to meet up and have a nose around someone else’s patch. So this year it was Orford Ness, which is a simply amazing place. From nuclear bombs to incredibly delicate shingle habitats to the LIFE project that is helping them to manage the delicate wetland habitats on the Ness, there is so much going on.

Grant and the team down there showed us as much as they could in a few hours. It is only open for a few more Saturdays this year but well worth a trip if you can get there. Access is mainly by boat which is fantastic as you meet the rangers straight away and can get a great start to the day riddled with info and help. It is also good to know where you can go on such a large site and especially one where in some cases straying from the path could lead to getting rather to close to potentially unexploded ordnance.
The place had a real bleak charm about it today, I am sure there are days when it is boiling hot but today the old buildings and windswept marshes looked fantastic with the wind and rain.

Here are some pics:

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