Friday, 11 October 2013

We finally got a new owl box on Burwell fen and one bit of TB testing is done

Many moons ago we managed to get some old telegraph poles cut to shape and size and augured into the ground on Burwell Fen. On Monday we finally got one of the barn owl boxes up. The main reason for the two new poles it to give the owls that live in the barn the option to move out, if they do we may be able to undertake repairs and such like without disturbing them. There are three more barn owl boxes and two little owl boxes to go out when we get a moment, hopefully soon. 

We had the cattle on Bakers Fen go through the crush for the second part of their TB tests on Monday, all clear which is good news indeed. Once this was done we dismantled the pen and constructed a new pen, race, and corral on Burwell fen. This has been the main focus this week as the weather has not been ideal for cutting on the days we had it pencilled in for. We use metal hurdles which can be configured into all kinds of designs and a crush with an extra wide end to allow our highlands long horns to get through. Mind you some of them have very large horns that can take a few tries to get through and some of them just take a while to work it out even with short horns. 

We did manage to get some of the smaller areas that need hand cutting done, cut and cleared like everywhere else but with a brush cutter and rake. I very neat job indeed outside the Visitor Center.

A new trailer to go behind our ride on mover is also coming along well. It was once larger and has been cut down, and basically rebuilt. Just needs the sides putting on and a few more coats of paint. Once done we can stick a strimmer, fuel and such like in the back and get many jobs done while also mowing the path edges on the way there and back.

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