Friday, 17 January 2014

Its been a Muddy Week

Thinking back on what we have done this week, I seem to remember a lot of mud! The muddiest of ours tasks have been helping out with the slubbing of Wicken Lode. The end by the William Thorpe building has been slubbed by our contractors. The Slubbing prevents the silt build up so that the changing depth of the Lode doesn't reduce the biodiversity of species within it. We have a rotation of sections we slub every year so that we have a range of depths and so a wider range of species. We got particularly muddy helping with this as we were moving a very heavy tarpaulin along the cycle path to protect it against the digger and dumper truck.  Here is a picture of the large machinery to keep John happy:

The Digger and Dumper Truck Slubbing

Lesley and I have also patched up the board walk leading up to East Mere so it is now wobble free and hole free!

Mended duck boards at East Mere Hide
On Wednesday John, with Ruby's help, taught me, Andy and Niki how to do the tree health survey around the sedge fen. You'll be pleased to know that most the trees are doing well, and we have felled the tree on the boardwalk that didn't look very healthy.

Yesterday a team of us headed out to Oily Hall. Lois and Niki had the wonderful task of installing a drain pipe into the toilet at the wild campsite to allow more ventilation so it shouldn't get too wiffy in the summer. John B., Andy and I have dug in some telegraph poles to carry on the construction of a cattle corral to make getting the cows off site easier.

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