Friday, 24 January 2014

We've done a lot and we have amazing new fencing pliers!

 We have been working hard on the Butterfly Trail this week. Small teams of us have spent a few days cutting and carefully clearing sections along the path edge. This will hopefully allow the wild flowers to come up in the spring, so the butterflies and catterpillars have plenty of food plants. It is also stopping the Wood Small Reed from dominating the area.

One of the cut areas on the Butterfly Trail

On Wednesday Carol, Andy, Jack and I were pushing back some scrub next to the hospital paddock where our new track is going to the fire site. We got a lovely big fire going which kept us nice and warm on a frosty January day. There was also a small shed hidden in the brambles which I was allowed to completely destroy!
The destroyed shed.

John, Andy and I collected some pollarded willow branches that were cut by our fenman's workshop volunteers, which they will be using to create willow hurdles and other traditional tools. 
The groovy haircut our RTV had while we transported the willow back to the yard.

Andy and I spent this morning removing some of the old fencing on Tubney Fen before we get shiny new fencing in a few weeks. We had some fun trying to load it all up into the trailer, and came up with a novel solution to save us driving over the fen too much. We also got very excited by our brand new fencing pliers, which made the job so much easier and quicker.
The interesting Trailer loading.

Our Amazing new fencing pliers
  And finally, I checked the Burwell cows the other day so here is a cute picture of Parsley, and our expectant mum, Rush.

Rush looking a little fed up of being pregnant!

Ruby's fancy windpump picture

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