Friday, 20 June 2014

It'll be a quick one today as I haven't had time to take many pictures this week. We've been really foucsing on our weed control so John, Ruby, Carol, Andy and I have all been taking it in turns to top areas of the wider reserve where the creeping thistle is very dense. Creeping thistle is classed as an injurious weed so we are obliged to keep it under control on our land. We have to time mowing it carefully so that the insects that like to feed off the flowers have had a chance to eat, but we must top it before it goes to seed. This also has the added advantage of taking a lot of energy out of the plant, meaning it is less likely to grow up again next year. Unfortunately our big flail mower broke on Wednesday, but Mike Overall came to our rescue and welded it all back together. We've had to do some final tinkering with it this morning, just to get the mower spinning properly, so Jack, Carol and I got to practice our angle grinding skills, while lying flat on our backs!
Carol taking an Angle Grinder to the Mower
Other than that I only have this picture of a cool bug I saw down at Tubney. Joan has informed me that it is a Wasp Beetle, not rare, but also not common!

The Wasp Beetle

We've had a new foal and a new calf this week. Currently they are both doing ok, and both their mothers are well. I am especially pleased about the new calf as her mother, Gale, has always been one of my favourites but she is a bit of a loner in the herd. I'm glad shes going to have a friend now! Gale is also Cannach's daughter, who is everyone's favourite red cow that is often seen behind the visitors centre. I will get the grazing team to post some photos in the next blog.

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