Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Work Party and Reach 24 Opening

We've been back out on Tubney Fen over the last couple of weeks, trying to get all the box strainers finished. Pete did a great job chainsawing the notches into the strainer posts to secure the transoms, while Andy and I hid in the car out of the rain. We did jump out once he was finished to help put them all together and wrap the wire around to make them super tight and secure. We also went back last Tuesday to finish off the rest, and I couldn't hide from the rain then as I was the one chainsawing.

The view from the vehicle as Pete chainsawed in the rain

The beautiful box strainer result of Pete's work.
 While Andy and I were out on Tubney we found a rather strange looking lump of pink goo. We have no idea what it is. It felt like blancmange when I accidentally stuck my elbow in it, and our best guess would be a fungus or some sort of insect cocoon?
Mystery pink goo, any ideas?
A big thank you to the guys and gals from UK Power Networks who came for a work party last Friday. They've done a fantastic job finishing off the corral on Oily Hall, and they got bonus points for feeding the rangers who were running the day!

UK Power Networks testing out the newly built corral
A group of us rangers ave decided to have a go at the 50 things to do before your 11 and 3/4. Clearly we've missed the age target by a large margin, but we're not letting that stop us! We kicked off with a snail race after work one evening last week. My snail, Viktor, put in a valiant effort, and came 2nd and 3rd in the two races we had. Andy had the clear winner, Dorothy, who won both times!

And they're off...
Viktor, I was quite attached to him and didn't want to let him go!

Reach 24 Acres had it's grand opening on Sunday, with lots of British Summer festivities, including a Bake Off, fancy dress competition and a cricket match between Reach Village and the National Trust. Reach 24 is a plot of lad on the outskirts of Reach that the National Trust has leased to the community of Reach. The steering group has been getting lots of views on how to use the land and so far have planted a community orchard, some woodland and created a cricket pitch. We had a great time on Sunday, with fantastic weather to help us. Lois, Jenny and I were running activities for the children, with willow weaving, geocaching and bug hunting on offer. John and Pete did a fabulous job on the NT cricket team, and though it was a well fought match we did manage to have a National Trust win!
An Ermine Moth found sweep netting during the bug hunt.
Mine and Lois' entry for the cake competition.
Amongst all the fun and games we have been doing serious work. Lots of mowing to keep the paths neat and tidy, and lots of courses to keep us working to the best of our abilities!  Anyone who read our last post will be glad to hear that Ruby, Niki, Pete and I all passed our Vet Med assessment last Thursday.

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