Saturday, 3 March 2012

A nice walk to Kingfisher Bridge

We had to give the football a miss today as diesel is so expensive, so we went on a nice wander instead.....instead of watching the U’s lose at Forest Green Rovers it turns out. Oh well. But the walk was really good.

I have never been to Kingfisher Bridge before and as it is just down the road from us it was about time. Now before I go and tell everyone to go for an explore down there I should point out it is privately owned and please check out before heading down. It is an amazing place. Personally I would recommend parking at Upware and taking the hours walk down. You can have a nice lunch down the Five Miles Pub too. There are some longer circular walks but we just headed down to Kingfisher Bridge and back the same way.

Also Commissioners Pit is on the way, and well worth a visit, this time of year is great as there are no mosquitoes down there.

Commissioners Pit

Drove from Upware, sorry I forget its name

Dimmocks Cote Quarry

An amazing bat box

The Mere

Living hide

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