Friday, 14 March 2014

Mowing and Burning

Jack and I have had Buzz the ride on mower out in compartment 22, the field behind the Visitor's Centre. We have been mowing about half of the compartment where there were small tree saplings have been popping up. There was a clear line where the peat soil changed to clay, as the peat soil was too wet to sustain the trees. This made a good clear line for us to pinpoint where to stop our mowing.
You can just about make out the line where I had been mowing.
John and I went on a tour of the wider nature reserve on Tuesday, planning out what needs mowing over the summer and what needs mowing ready for spring to really begin. I now have a lot of time in a tractor looming ahead of me.

For the rest of the week, we have been continuing to tidy the fire site. We've managed to get some nice big, but controlled fires going burning the old brash we've had stacked there for a while. We also pollarded some willows along the edge of the fire site and added them to the fire. Unfortunately we never managed to remember to take a packet of marshmallows with us, but we always enjoy having a good fire.

We managed to get a good amount of heat coming from the middle of the fire.

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