Friday, 21 March 2014

Tractor Training

Niki, Carol, John and I spent three days this week doing a LANTRA Tractor Driving Course. It was very interesting and useful learning all the best and easiest ways to drive our tractors. For our assessment we had to hitch up a reverse a trailer, attach the grab to the front and move a large tree stump, and attach the mower and mow some stuff. I am pleased to say that we all passed, and (if I say so myself) passed well.

Niki hitching up the trailer for her assessment.

While we were play with tractors, Lois took Andy and our work experience placement out to the wider nature reserve to put new interpretation signs out. We all trying to update all the signs around the fen to give visitors up to date and relevant info about the wildlife and the landscape.

Putting my new tractor skills to good use, I have spent the past two days mowing the paths along the Lodes Way. I had a few interested parties watching me, including a Little Grebe on Burwell Fen, lots of Roe Deer next to Guinea Hall and the Koniks on Guinea Hall too. 

The Ponies watching the tractor, including little Swift.

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