Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Chips away again!

Chipping and Chipping

More of the same but in a different place. We have been working to manage the plantation at Wicken Fen in a way that is great for our butterflies. This means widening the paths to get more light in and provide space to be populated by grasses The pollarding of some willows
and altering the cutting regime will also provide a good early nectar source. Our Careership Warden, Tim, has been doing masses of work to decide on what is best to do down there. From daylight surveys to identifying as many of the plants as possible and mapping their locations to the all important butterfly transects to see what we have got.

Here is a before and after of some of the work we did two years ago:

And this is of today and a picture of from last year to show what we hope will happpen:

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