Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Habitat management in St Edmund's Fen

We are working over time to alter the structure of the rides in St Edmonds Fen. It is part of the NNR, SSSI and so on that makes up the older part of Wicken Fen. It will be a slow process due to take several years because of the small seasonal window in which work can be carried out (between the end of the cutting season and the time of the water table rising).

We cut the scrub back with the help of work groups from Price Waterhouse Coopers and Anglian Water as well as some hard work from our volunteers and staff on the fen. This left us with a big pile to chip and move as well as the tree stumps that needed to be chainsawed out.

Before and after from today.

In the spirit of Halloween here is our motley crew of spooky pumpkins!

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