Monday, 21 November 2011

The Gates are in and we start work at Oily Hall

Firstly we have brought in the gates from Tubney Fen. Now the cattle are off the gates are in for the winter to allow easier access for horse riders, it also means they can’t be stolen over the Winter. The plan is to get them back out a week or so before the cows are due back in May.

Down at Oily Hall, which is to the West of Lode, we have started constructing a Cattle Handling Unit. Me (John), Johnny, Johnny and Jason (it made it simple for Jason to get out attention) set about getting it started. Basically it is a big strong pen, the cattle are baited or run into it to catch them. When time and materials permit the plan is to have three layers of crash barriers to complete the fence, and to cut all the poles down to get it all neat and tidy. We used old telegraph poles, so the post certainly look strong enough!

Below is a picture of where we got to, and a picture of what we hope it to look like from a site nearby:

Other things on the go:

Jason has started to build the fence to surround the new wild camping site on Oily Hall. With a spot of luck the shelters or ‘pods’ will be constructed in mid December. The idea is that groups such as the Scouts or Guides can book them out and use them as a stopover, no need for a tent. Further work on Oily Hall includes Jason building a fence to divide the fields and possibly digging a small pond.

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