Monday, 7 November 2011

Working in the Reed Beds

No pictures today as there wasn’t really much time to take any. The day went as follows:

Get set up and then look at Reach Lode Bridge to see how the repairs to the surface looked.

Then chipping wood all day. There was a lot of wood chipping, a lot... and now I'm having chips for tea as well!

We are working down there to get the old Willows and scrub that surround the pools into a pollarding rotation. It will reduce the chances of the bigger trees falling into the pools or blocking the access we need down there. By leaving some of the larger trees we can maintain valuable dead wood habitat at various heights. Another important reason for reducing the height of the trees is to remove perches for predatory birds so near to the reed beds. We put some the chippings on Harrisons Drove to fill in a few of the muddy holes. Hopefully this will ease the path of people and mean they can get away with study shoes instead of sturdy boots!

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