Sunday, 30 October 2011

Cows and Owls

The cows are leaving and the new locks are going out

The cows are due to be coming off Tubney Fen and Burwell Fen this week. As part of our environmental stewardship agreements the cows are removed over the winter and will come back in the spring. I will try to get the small gates removed to allow for easier access but this might take a bit of time I’m sorry to say. We have a busy two weeks on the Sedge Fen coming up. As I have a chipper and chainsaw licence I am booked to help with the large amount of tree work due to be carried out.

Owls on Burwell Fen

I'm delighted to say there have been some good sightings of Short Eared Owls on Burwell Fen. I was down there at about 4pm this afternoon and met a few people who had popped down to have a look. They reported seeing between four and six birds yesterday and we saw one close overhead. Barn Owls are also present in the area as well as Little Owls and Harriers. If you do fancy heading down to have a look please try not to disturb the barn. For the enjoyment of all please respect the birds and the other bird watchers.

Check out the following pictures of the owls taken by Richard J Nicoll

Short Eared Owl

Little Owl

Barn Owl

Where is it? It can be easily found on Google Maps by typing 'Newnham Drove Burwell'. Scroll a across to the left and you can see the barn. The bridge is at the end of Hightown Drove but is accessed via Split drove to the South of Reach Lode (take note though as Factory Drove is for some reason called Little Fen Drove on the map). Newnham Drove can be driven down but is in a bad state and to be honest I would avoid it. I have taken my car down there and there were a few bumps scrapes on the way! But don't be put off as it is well worth the trip.

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