Monday, 24 October 2011

Getting things strimmed, mowed, and neat for the winter

A story of three strimmers, a lawnmower, and a tractor

We had a good go at getting the place tidied up, mowing the path edges and strimming pretty much all the access points and picnic areas. I think we might have a bit more of a clear out of the barrier ditch at the Hurdle Hall area but in the main things are looking much improved. Sadly there is a fair bit of litter knocking about, I think that a full day of hunting the stuff down is probably the best way to get back on top of this again.

Sadly there have been a few fly tips recently. Mark Mehaffey from East Cambs CC has been fantastic and working with enforcement he has reduced the amount of dumping over the past few years, unfortunately though a few have popped back up.

On a bright and slightly fence related note here is a 'before and after' picture of one of the gates we refurbished this summer:

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