Friday, 21 October 2011

Some bollards are out & we go for a walk

Reach Lode Bridge / Split Drove

I've fixed the sign up, the bollards are in, and the new locks are on. It is all looking good and I do hope they do their job. In preparation for the installation of the low bollards for Newnham Grove I have put in place warning signs as shown in the photos below. I also put in place the bollards on the access points from Hightown Drove to the Lodes way.

Walking Festival

To promote the walking festival and to enjoy it for ourselves we took a small bimble to Ely. The small matter of the 6.5 miles did however leave me in a small amount of pain and somewhat relieved to be cheating and getting a lift back. This was, I should point out, more to allow me to get on with my work, and in the afternoon and I did get some much needed things done. The more hardy of the group did however tap their heels and after handing out information leaflets and a healthy lunch were able to head back to Wicken with a spring in their step.

If you want to get involved then check out the following link. The second page has the info on it:

Have a lovely weekend.

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