Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Catching up on the Sedge Fen

The Drainage Engine Museum at Prickwillow was great with lots of things to see and people to chat to about the old machines. Well worth checking out, especially on the next Run Day if you get the chance.
On the Fen:
While waiting for things to be posted out, and in-between writing fencing plans, I am working with the team on the Sedge Fen to get things organised. The very last bit of the turning and clearing of vegetation on the Sedge Fen is due to be completed this morning. The rain kept us off for a few days but we are looking to be down to the tidying up strimming by the end of the day.

The tractor shed is getting there, slowly and with a spot of luck that will be a picture of order by... well... soon... ish.

On the Vision:
The Vision access points, picnic areas, and such like are in need of a tidy up strimm. All going well I will get this done later this week, but as people are on holiday and the water beginning to rise on the Sedge Fen there are a few urget jobs that need to be done before I can move the team over to the front of house Vision jobs.

Tubney Fen:
If anyone is out for a walk on Tubney Fen you may notice a few changes. The largest of which is the repair to the culvert under the main path. We have installed a new extended pipe with an elbow to maintain the water level in the Mere's perimeter ditch. This allows it to overspill into the field ditch when it reaches the required level rather than losing the water in the the drain as it previously had. To aid this we have added a proper clay dam to the ditch we dug last year where the water seeped out. A new fence will also keep the cows out of the infall.

While I am on here is a picture of a Fen Blow I saw the other day.

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