Friday, 7 October 2011

Hello. Welcome to my new blog.


Thanks for reading!

Blogging is new to me, so I hope can keep this interesting, informative and fun.

What is going on currently? Well I'm working on a couple of priorities while getting other things going in the background. The main things are getting our new bollards out on the Lodes way and sorting some new fencing and access around Hurdle Hall Farm, the area just to the West of Reach where the Farm once stood. With the bollards going in the big concrete blocks can go, which would be great! The gates on Newnham Drove can also be removed and new picnic benches can be installed near Reach Lode Bridge. So with a spot of luck this will happen in the coming weeks. The fencing on Hurdle Hall is a slightly longer timescale but by next spring I hope to have the grazing area extended and the access improved.

Today I have been working with our volunteers on the Sedge fen to get our Tractor shed organised now the main cutting season is over at Wicken.

Hope you have a good weekend, I'm hoping to visit the Prickwillow Drainage Museum as they have a run day on Sunday.

Have a good one.

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