Thursday, 13 October 2011

End of my week

Lode and Longmeadow Community Wood at White Fen

We had a meeting at White Fen this morning to check over the new trees and plan the way forward regarding bushing out and planting/tree care timing. The whips looked much better than the last time I checked, the rain seems to have provided the little boost that they needed. I was concerned that we could have had a pretty poor year, but there seems to be a good chance that many have survived their first spring and summer. Over the winter we hope to work with the people of Lode and Longmeadow to do a spot of new planting and a good bit of weeding and tree care.

The week's end for me

Normally I work Sunday to Thursday so the weekend starts here for me. The team is still continuing the big job of organising/tidying and finishing off summer jobs tomorrow. One of our strimmers is a bit temperamental so the gardeners at Anglesey Abbey have kindly lent us one of theirs. So tomorrow is a day to strim all the areas that the disk mower couldn't reach, or were just far easier to cut by hand.

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