Thursday, 16 August 2012

250 different species of moth in one night and I move a big concrete block!

Moth Trapping

On the 24th of July Dave Grundy and Chris Williams came down to the fen and set up their moth Traps. The result was over 250 different species being identified which is fantastic. The warm conditions were far more favourable than when we popped down to have a look at the chaps trapping in June. Goat Moths, Small Chocolate-tips and Dentated Pugs were amongst the highlights.

Over 8000 species have been recorded on the Sedge Fen with moths making up over 1000 of them. There are ‘only’ 35 species of butterfly at Wicken so if you found the idea of identifying all the moths a bit daunting it might be more fun to start there. You can also see them more easily during the day and we have a Butterfly Trail to explore if you like. This is not to say moths don’t come out during the day though, so you can still spot them too!

Goat Moth by Dave Grundy

Block Moving

At the opposite end of the conservation spectrum I had to move a big concrete block to allow the bank mowers access to Reach Lode Bridge. It was good fun flipping it over and rolling it away. So much fun that I took a picture.

I also got the giant electric fence spool we made a few years ago out. Saves loads of time when winding in hundreds of meters of electric fence wire. Unhook the top wire for a section, tie it to the toe bar then drag up the line, stop, reel it in and repeat along the bottom section. Also great as it meant I could hide from the mid day sun.

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