Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Still many things to get done…..

We still have a myriad of small jobs to get done and a few big ones lurking too. On Tuesday Owen came in and lent a hand, this was great news as we got a lot done, we finally hung a gate at Oily Hall, got the White Fen picnic area mowed and kept up the work on the footpath at the base of Monks Load leading to Priory Farm. We also gave the wild campsite at Oily Hall the once over to make sure it was all in good order for the people staying down there. Today was split between flipping our old boat over so it can be painted and getting our Tractor Shed organised as the rain came down.

Over the next few weeks there is much more footpath maintenance to keep up, fences to fix, and barn doors to repair. Nothing super exciting to be honest but many small things to make the Nature Reserve easy to access and a lovely place to visit.

On a completely different note we popped down to Cornwall for a couple of days which was nice. Down there we visited many lovely places including the Lobster Hatchery where they help maintain the populations and conserve the species in the South West. This is Goliath, who is about 30 years old!

We also visited Levant Mine, with its working steam engine. If you are anywhere near defiantly pop in there.

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