Thursday, 30 August 2012

Lode Star festival and working up high on the pylons

Lode Star Festival

If you are heading down to Lode Star Festival then do pop in and say hello at our stall while enjoying some music and the other festival fun. I haven’t been before but I have certainly heard good things. Lovely spot for a chilled out weekend and lets hope the weather is ok for it too.

Working up high on the pylons

Babcock have been working on the pylons near Reach and Burwell for UK Power Networks and it isn’t a job I fancy after watching them climb to the top past 132kv power lines. They are wrapping the fibre optic cable at the very top. This pylon is on Hurdle Hall. They must get a great view from the top but when the wind got up and the rain came down it looked hard work indeed.

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