Saturday, 4 August 2012

Path Mowing, fence planning and Olympic Tyres to the rescue.

The past week has been taken up with a lot of planning work the for next financial year. We are hoping to move our stock to Burwell Fen and as the fences were installed about ten years ago there are some repairs to plan and also some changes to make.  We will be running our stock in a different way to how the land has been managed over the past decade, and as such it will be looking to build new some fences to enclose some previously ungrazed fields and with a spot of luck adding a few more gates amongst other things. 

I am still trying to catch up on our care of the paths, entrances picnic areas and so on. Maddy and Tim have been working hard to get thing back on track and I have also been out cutting when I get a spare moment. So sorry if you are out there and see things are looking a bit rough around the edges still, but slowly we catch up and with a spot of luck we can get the grass on all the paths down to a level to stop people getting soaked walking along and looking smart where they need to and functional where they don’t. 

Olympic Tyres in Soham have been fixing our punctures, getting our new tyres, and getting us moving for a good number of years now and once again came to the rescue the other day so I would like to say thanks to them for fixing my bent steering arms (not my proudest moment!) and put out a good word for them. So do check them out if you need anything tyre, exhaust, servicing and so on related. Always top chaps and the bakers is jsut round the corner too!
More of the same this week is the plan but let’s see how it pans out I suppose.

Wild Camp is looking nice and green:

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