Thursday, 9 August 2012

Tim's Careership comes to an end.

Tim is getting ready to finish his Careership at Wicken Fen next week so a big thank you to him for all of his hard work over the past 3 years and his time volunteering prior to that. He has certainly left his mark on the place, notably with the Fenman’s Workshop. So next time you are down the fen make sure you get round the back of the Fen Cottage and check it out.  Also have a look at the cake! It was very nice too.

We have been working on a few different things this week. We started pushing the posts in for a new pond dipping platform, finally got the Omega signs back on Burwell Fen, worked on budgets and kept working away on the picnic areas (Tim and Maddy to thank for that)

Today was good, me and Carol (our Grazing Warden) went out to Burwell Fen to check a few things out and baited the cattle along the way on Bakers Fen. It has been a while since I had been out with the cows and they played there part nicely by following us to the corral. We are baiting them so that we can round them up and move one on to Derbyshire Wildlife Trust later next week. Hopefully I will add some pictures later with the cows in.

Off for the weekend in a bit. We have got tickets to see the Men’s Heavyweight Freestyle Wrestling Final on Saturday so I’m looking forwards to that. Also on a totally different note some nice walks around the fens near Upaware.

Have a good one.

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